Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brown dwarfs cannot warm each other

Brown dwarfs, will be correct to carry in a greater degree to stars, than to planets more likely. These space objects have erased a clear boundary between these two classes of space bodies.
Now, it is possible to say that henceforth distinctions between so different astronomical objects what stars and planets are, are definitively erased. Not far from Solar system (to space measures), scientists has been found out strange pair of space bodies define an accessory of one of which scientists simply could not. Supervision were conducted by means of a telescope established in the Hawaiian observatory. Scientists could not be defined with that in any way, to what class to carry this object – to stars or planets. Dark pair has been found in constellation of Volopasa. The double object has received name CFBDSIR 1458+10. It has appeared so dim what to observe it was probably exclusive in an infra-red range, moreover and by means of variety of adaptations compensating trembling of terrestrial atmosphere. There are both brown dwarfs on distance in 3 astronomical units and rotate round the general gravitational centre.

Then, by means of the Chilean telescope equipped with an infra-red spectrometer, the weight of each of objects has been defined. As a result, scientists have come to a conclusion that they observe of pair brown dwarfs "connected" with each other gravitational force. The birth of brown dwarfs occurs as well as other stars – from gravitational compression gazopylevogo clouds. And at process of falling of external layers in a cloud, in the form of reaction it is liberated warmly that in turn leads to the general raising of temperature.
However, if the weight of a cloud from which there is a formation of the future star, appears insufficient the temperature increase is slowed down that leads to that there is no steady thermonuclear reaction. Instead of a high-grade star, there is gradually cooling down space body with star signs.
Detection of last pair "has shaken" all earlier accepted norms. All the matter is that most cool of known brown dwarfs has temperature approximately in 400°C, and object CFBDSIR 1458+10 has temperature less than 100 °C, cups svezhezavarennogo in other words are colder some tea.
At similar temperature, both brown dwarfs get some of properties ekzoplanet and scientists quite suppose that in their atmosphere there can be a water.

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