Sunday, October 23, 2011


Jupiter – the gas giant, the largest planet in Solar system, is 5 planet from the Sun. In 2 times exceeds weight of all other planets in this system.

Jupiter is known to mankind since ancient times, on that its reflexion can be found in mythology and beliefs of many cultures. Roman empire (one of great empires of the past) has entitled a planet in honour of god of Jupiter. At supervision from the Earth brightness of a planet reaches 2.8 star sizes that does by its third object on brightness in the night sky (after the Moon and Venus).

On a stone kernel of a planet which is under the big pressure, there is a helium and hydrogen layer, the planet mainly consists of these elements. Thanks to a great speed of rotation the form of Jupiter spljusnutyj a spheroid. Planet atmosphere consists of several strips along planet widths that leads to storms and storm on a planet surface. It is possible to notice result of it – the Big Red Stain. It is known since 18 centuries, it is a huge storm. At space vehicle "Галилео" descent, it has been defined that pressure and temperature at deepening are very great.

In a planet orbit 63 moon have been found out. From them 4 big, named "galileevymi". They have been opened in 1610 Galileo Galileem. One of companions, Ganimed, bolshy on diameter, than Merkury. The strongest in Solar system active volcanoes on companion Io, and under a surface of Europe is the global ocean. As planetary rings have been found out in Jupiter except companions. 

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