Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Double stars can quite promote greens development on planets

Among a large quantity of the stars known to scientists of the Earth, only small part can become a haven for this purpose that on a planet about them life would arise. However now, before scientists there was a question, whether life on a planet which exists in double star system can arise.
Two sun ascending over horizon of a planet – a favourite picture for all fantastic films. However the similar show can be observed from surface of some planets which are found out by scientists outside of Solar system. Already now scientists try to foresee, what vegetation on similar planets would be, considering the fact of that it would receive light at once from two sun.
For the scientist star systems with two sun and planets with which those shine are already known. And now every possible hypotheses concerning that are under construction, than the similar systems having two sun, differ from what have only one.
Photosynthesis, is the mechanism thanks to which there is a transformation of solar energy to chemical reaction that is a basis of all life on our planet. If the planet has a double light source plants on it are compelled to adapt or to use any one of light sources, or to light use at once from two sun. Though theoretically, the first of variants more comprehensible as there are areas which are shined only with one of two stars.
Depending on star temperature, that colour, spectrum area in which it radiates visible radiation, which actually and uchuvstvuet in the course of photosynthesis depends also. Actually evolution of plants also depends directly on that colour which is radiated by a star. Stars similar to our Sun, yellow dwarfs, it is found much enough and in most cases about them isekzoplaneta . Red dwarfs, it is the most widespread type of stars in our galaxy.
Approximately 50 % of red dwarfs and 25 % of yellow dwarfs, are in double systems. It is quite probable that the vegetation on a planet having illumination from two stars would have not green colour as of the Earth, and could be black or grey, because of spectral features of a star from which it would receive light. This results from the fact that for this purpose what to absorb dim light of red dwarfs, plants should use it in all accessible range on length of a light wave.

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