2. The period of rotation of a planet Mars is almost equal to the period of rotation of the Earth – 24 hours of 37 minutes of 22,7 seconds. And here Martian year lasts 668,6 sol (so Martian solar days are called) or 687 days of mother Earth.

3. On Mars Mariner-9 ″ the biggest in Solar system a canyon has been opened in 1971 the space vehicle “. Depth of this canyon reaches 7-10 km, the maximum width – 600 km, and the general extent – approximately 4500 km. Thus, the valley of Marinera could occupy with itself all territory of the United States of America, from Silent to Atlantic oceans.

Anyhow, Mars always involved minds of mankind, and at all with the records. After all Mars – the planet most accessible to us, and having studied it, we can understand is better structure and space essence, questions of an origin of life and we become a bit closer to the general understanding of the nature of things.