Monday, October 24, 2011

Researches of Mercury by tests and opening

Scientists bring the first results of a finding in an orbit of Mercury of research probe Messenger. To the Earth many pictures with high resolution on which have been sent craters, their structure, and as a bottom were accurately visible. Thanks to presence of necessary devices, was as the structure of a ground of Mercury is defined.
Having orbited merkurija, the planet nearest to the Sun, Solar System, the probe has started the three-monthly work – stay of this research probe in an orbit of this planet so much is planned. Thanks to the   devices established on the research space vehicle, scientists could receive the information concerning a structure of a surface of a planet, its characteristic magnitosfery and its interactions with a solar wind.
At studying of pictures, scientists could find out bright enough spotty adjournment at the bottom in some craters. Shooting which has been made by two-regime chamber MDIS, has shown that the given colour adjournment are in certain sequence with the hollows which width fluctuated since several metres and finishing several kilometres. These hollows have been surrounded by a material which well enough reflects light. Similar forms of a relief are unique and did not meet earlier on one of investigated planets.

As, thanks to a spectrometer, scientists could define presence in soil of that or other natural element that as has allowed to make variety of opening. In particular, in a planet ground enough considerable quantity of sulphur was revealed. It testifies that the primary material from which there was a planet formation, had smaller quantity of oxygen, than at formation of other planets of Solar System. From here it is possible to draw a conclusion on the origin reason merkurianskogo vulkanizma.
Throughout all three months which the companion continuously carried out a topographic map northern polusharja planets, huge work has been carried out. Having received practically 2 million pictures, scientists could make an exact map of a surface of a planet. According to the received data, difference fluctuation on heights in northern hemisphere Mercury is in area of nine kilometres.
As, still 20 years ago, using a radio irradiation of Mercury the directed bunch from the Earth, scientists could find out, hundred both poles of this planet have radio disseminating elements.
As distinction between magnetic fields of southern and northern poles of Mercury has been revealed. The area on South Pole Mercury where power lines of a magnetic field of a planet the way out is found of a surface, is much wider than similar area on northern pole of a planet. It is the direct certificate of that the South Pole merkurija tests on itself influence of a solar wind in difference from northern pole more.

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