Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scientists have found out formation new ekzoplanety

Personally to make supervision over how “the sacrament of a birth” absolutely young planet is made, has had the luck to the American astronomers. Similar it became probably exclusive thanks to a refined technique of supervision and itself gazopylevoj a disk.
This opening has been carried out thanks to 10 metre telescopes under the name of Keka which is located on Hawaii. The object, with index LkCa appropriated to it 15 b, has been found out about star LkCa 15. According to all features, it is similar to a hot protoplanet which rotates round the star. Movement of this planet occurs in a tear gazopylevogo a disk. As by scientists it is established that the substance of a disk still continues to drop out on a planet, thereby increasing in due course its weight.
Object LkCa 15 b is the youngest protoplanet which ever could be observed the scientist. It has age which approximately five times is less than at earlier known "record-holder". Earlier, to make supervision over this planet it was not represented possible that it too close is about a star. And only having applied absolutely new principle of supervision, scientific could receive the information about this planet and as to observe of its formation inside gazopylevogo clouds.
To carry out so difficult, and at the same time the extremely necessary and informative process of supervision two "tricks" have helped scientists. First, the telescope from which supervision was made, has been equipped by special "adaptive" optics which because a deformable mirror has fast movement, indemnification of trembling of atmosphere of our planet is made that considerably increases quality and clearness of the received image. Use spekl-interferometrii became the second shift on which astronomers have gone. The given method, allows mainly exception realisation razmytosti which inevitably arises in the image when the telescope located on a surface of the Earth is used. Given razmytost is the natural factor which is caused by trembling and moving of atmosphere of our planet. The concept of a method interferometrii existed in astronomy practically with most has begun ХIХ centuries. However using this method and special adaptive optics, astronomers managed to achieve more than impressing results.
However even now, the given technology still is not resulted in full conformity with needs of scientists, however it has essentially improved for last seven years from the moment of the first use.

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