Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Usual pair of dead stars is found out not

In constellation of the Maiden, scientists find out symbolical enough pair of stars. The friend round the friend one not born star and a dense space corpse another rotate. Two these stars which and not managed to turn to high-grade space objects, form strange enough pair. One of stars is the brown dwarf, the second the white dwarf. Both these stars, form strange enough pair, rotating thus round one general centre of weights. To find out them it was possible thanks to a telescope of the Hawaiian observatory.
Both found out dwarfs belong to enough rare group of space objects, and the similar neighbourhood of white and brown dwarfs in general do the found out group unique. The similar neighbourhood extremely seldom also represents on true the present find for astronomers.
As brown dwarfs consider a class of stars which could not outgrow in high-grade stars and have stopped at a development intermediate level. They have rather small sizes and can sometimes have even 0,08 weight of the Sun. That they have no necessary weight, course of thermonuclear reaction in their interiors astable and leads its spontaneous the termination and to the subsequent cooling of the most brown dwarf. The same weak luminescence proceeding from the brown dwarf, occurs that owing to slow compression, there is an allocation of gravitational energy which generates this luminescence. From the evolution point, similar star “corpses can nhoditsja in a similar status vaguely long time.
White dwarfs are in the same way lifeless also. However in difference from brown dwarfs, white any time stayed in "a star" status, however all as, in the absence of necessary weight, having settled fuel stocks in the kernel for maintenance of thermonuclear reaction, the star "dumps" the cover and as a result there is a superdense space body. The similar rests of stars, size approximately about the Earth as are doomed to cooling indefinitely.
The brown dwarf, according to researches, incorporates surplus of methane. In itself, this element is available or as a part of so-called planets-giants, or it is present at atmospheres of cold stars. The temperature of the found out metane dwarf is equal 1000°С, and its weight makes approximately 70 weights of Jupiter. By estimations of experts, by then, as the Sun will cease to exist, its temperature will fall approximately to 100°С. The temperature of the white dwarf, by this time, becomes approximately to equal temperature brown, at the initial stage.

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