Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In heat of white dwarfs thousand ekzoplanet can be warmed

Practically all found  ekzoplanety are lately about hot stars. However, according to scientists, it is possible to look for life and nearby “star corpses” whom white dwarfs are.
Throughout last several tens years, scientists made searches ekzoplanet exclusively about those stars in which rough thermonuclear reaction resulted. Depending on a star and as remoteness from it planets, became deduce about, whether there can be each concrete planet to that on which life possibly could arise. The factor of remoteness of a planet concerned an indispensable condition from a star that on it would not be too cold or too hot.
However according to last calculations of astronomers to try to begin searches ekzoplanet it is possible and about white dwarfs whom the same was no time high-grade stars, however in due course, because of small weight, at them fuel has ended, it is necessary for maintenance of process of thermonuclear reaction and having lost a hydrogen stock in the kernel, at a star it starts to burn in its external layers. At this stage, the star turns to the red giant, considerably increasing in the sizes. After that, external layers burn out and there is an explosion which destroys all in radius, approximately, one astronomical unit.

After that, on a place of the red giant remains are dim the object having superdense structure – the white dwarf. As the rules, similar space objects have weight from 0,4 to 0,9 weights of the Sun, and in the sizes they are equal to the Earth. As more in them there is no thermonuclear reaction they simply slowly cool down, and that weak luminescence which they publish, is a consequence of gravitational compression. However it is warm the similar white dwarf can to suffice on some billions years and those from planets which have escaped during the previous cataclysm and migrated more close to the former star, can quite be it obogrety. As the white dwarf has no constantly resulting thermonuclear reaction, also a manned zone round them small enough. It begins on distance from 700 thousand kilometres and to 3 million kilometres. It more close more than a hundred times that distance on which the earth is from the Sun. From a planet which are on similar distance, the white dwarf will seem a little big, than our Sun, outwardly it as will resemble extremely our star.
As, on such distance gravitation of the white dwarf – after all as a matter of fact will be notable enough, it is a star in size with the Sun, "packed" till the sizes of the Earth. In due course at a planet, about the white dwarf, orbital rotation is synchronised, having established on its one half eternal day, and on the second, eternal night

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