Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unique Merkury

Merkury – one of the most interesting planets of Solar system. In spite of the fact that the planet of Merkury is rather close to mother Earth (belongs to so-called to "terrestrial group”), it is studied poorly enough. However the information known to astronomers-researchers only confirms that fact that with Merkury – a unique planet of our system. We would like to result some interesting supervision which confirm uniqueness of this planet:

1. Fastest of planets of Solar system – a planet of Merkury. So, by calculations of astronomers, average speed of the reference of this planet round the Sun is equal 172248 km/h. That is, speed Merkurija practically twice more than speed of the reference of the Earth. And, recognising that a planet other planets to the Sun are located most close and has such high speed, follows that year on Merkurie (i.e. a time interval for which one complete revolution round the Sun is made) is equal approximately to three terrestrial months (87,99 days if to be more exact).
2. Star days (i.e. the period, for which space object makes a turn about the axis in relation to stars) on Merkurii last about 2/3 years (merkurianskogo certainly). Such parities of cycle times and planet rotation it is unique for our system. Theoretically, it speaks gravitational influence of the Sun, but, as though there was not, it is available that fact that solar days (i.e. time period, for which space object makes a turn about the axis concerning the Sun) on a planet of Merkury last three star days or two merkurianskih year.
3. Unique movement of a planet of Merkury generates one more surprising phenomenon. Within eight days on a certain site of an orbit of a planet (close perigelija, i.e. in the point nearest to the Sun) the Sun "stops" and then continues to a soya movement from the West on the east (Jesus Navina's so-called effect). It occur that speed rotary planets during this period more low, than speed of orbital movement.
4. Actually Merkury time most part is the nearest to mother Earth because of features of the movement (since Merkury "is strongly adhered" to the Sun, it leaves on smaller distance, than other planets). Though, on an arrangement of the orbits, Venus and Mars are the nearest planets.
Except these, there is still a set of other most interesting aspects which do a planet of Merkury really by a unique planet in our Solar system.

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